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Celebrate good times

March 01, 2011   |   by Rachel

Here's how we celebrated Win's 5th birthday.  The kids and I made this Titanic cake.  I think that it turned out pretty recognizable.  We wanted to put little windows on the white deck area.  We came up with a method of scraping away white frosting to reveal the chocolate frosting underneath.  The kids came up with a method of easily cleaning the stick between swiping each window.Win really enjoyed reading the Magictree house book series.  I asked his what he wanted for his birthday.  He quickly said, "a notebook and pencil, like Jack from the magic treehouse."  SO a notebook and pencil it is.  In the color green, his favorite.  And I threw in some magnetic bookmarks with baby animals on them and a five dollar bill.  This morning, about 10 minutes after he woke up I found him crouched in a corner penciling some sort of scrawl into his notebook.  It seemed to be a hit. Dale got in on the party atmosphere. We blow out candles as a team on our family.  Love ya Win!

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Jan Henderson2011-03-01

Fabulous, and that little Dale with the bow - too much.


Thanks Rachel those are great pix. Looks like Win had an awesome birthday. His mother listened and he got just what he wanted. Happy Birthday Win!!