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Christmas with the Hendersons

December 26, 2009   |   by Rachel

I LOVE Christmas!!!  I love the festivities, seeing people, the lights, the tree--ours usually stays up for most of January.  This year we had a delightful little family celebration.  Win suggested sushi, then he suggested that we do it every year (we just might).  So we went out for sushi and came home for presents, ice cream and games.  It was really fun.  To keep things simple (and the house clean) we give each kid one gift.  Win got a backpack with sharks and his name on it.  Harriet got a puzzle of zoo animals.  Their cousins Esther, Beatrice and Lydia sent them a really cool memory game.  We've played it nearly 2 dozen times since last night.

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suwandi tandrin2009-12-30

nice.... merry christmas :) and happy new year


so fun! what about the shovels???? those are so fun too!


How did you get your kids to like sushi so much??!!

Betsy King2009-12-27

Love this post! Your one gift rule is to be admired. Great idea! So your post inspired John to take us out to sushi last night. FINALLY!!! Miles needs Hattie to teach him how to grab the chopsticks in the middle though. Merry Christmas!

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Hattie looks so old with her hair back like that!

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