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Church Picnic

July 29, 2006   |   by Jared

Sorry for the long drought of posts. I've been away in Indonesia, and we sent in our nice camera to be fixed. We resolve to post more often! Today Rachel and I took the little chomp to our church picnic. He had a great time. He helped me grill 400 burgers, then we went swimming in a pool. After dinner Win went skinny-dipping in Lake Michigan (apparently he thought it was a nude beach) while we did baptisms. It was a long, sunny afternoon, and when we put him in the car to go home, he immediately pulled his hat over his eyes and fell asleep (see last picture).

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i love that one of him chewing on the spoon. he has such a great expression on his face.


Glad you're back in business. I've missed seeing pictures of the little guy.


we also missed the win updates! he is so very precious!


I love all the pictures, I too have been missing seeing the new ones. Glad you kept cool on this very hot day. grandma jan

grma dean2006-07-31


it is such a cruel thing to feed a grandmother wonderful pictures of her only grandson to the point of addiction and total dependence and then stop. Withdrawl is so painful and absolutely cruel -- Never never do that again!

(If I hadn't had a couple days of Win in person in the middle of that drought ...I may have gone stark raving mad!! Wait Maybe I am -- that's it. Now I know what is wrong with me!)

Glad you are back !!