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Classic Henderson Male Pose, pt. 2

May 19, 2006   |   by Jared

This time in the buff. I propose a contest: best Winfield thought-caption for this photo. Enter your submissions in the comment section below. The winner gets to have Win record the outgoing message on your answering machine. Anyone can comment by clicking on the numbered comments link below. All you need is a blogger account, which is free and takes just a minute to set up.

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somebody listens to "Wait Wait-Don't Tell Me"


i have no sumission for the contest, however that is a really funny picture. :)


Tell Luke that it will be a Cincinnati Reds - Detroit Tigers World Series this year



"Hey MA! Can a guy get some pants ovah heah?!"


It's too hilarious--I can't think of anything, but I like Johanna's proposal.


This is my proposal.

"Oh my gosh! AM I making that noise? Oh my gosh. I'll just keep doing it. They like it."


Rachel Wozniak2006-05-23

To quote a favorite from my nephew, "I'm Naked, I'm Naked!" - To be said in a sing-song voice. :) What is it with boys and being naked anyway?


Rachel, do you really want an answer to that question?


I want to know why Win rarely wears anything but a diaper and perhaps a onesie! I bet it is so his mommy can squeeze his gorgeous thighs!!