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Clean on the Inside

March 26, 2007   |   by Rachel

I was giving Win a bath and he became very interested in the bar of soap that I was using. He really wanted to play with it, so I let him. I figured that he would put it in his mouth. But I just figured that that would be a lesson that he could learn on his own. Sure enough the first thing that he did with the bar was give it a good lick. I thought that that would be the end of his relationship with the soap. I was wrong. After he licked it he stuck it in his mouth and took a pea sized bite out of it. Then he smiled and huge smile and stuck it back in his mouth and began chewing on it. Being a concerned mother I quickly dashed for the camera and caught this shot. If you look carefully you can see bite marks on the soap. After the picture I took it away from him.

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I agree the picture is the most important thing! We can say Win wants to experience absolutely everything.

sheetal patel2007-03-26

i think win knows that just as he is easily amused by something silly like jared throwing a football around, he can easily amuse his parents (and the visitors of his blog)by something silly like eating soap :)