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Color Me Winfield

July 26, 2008   |   by Rachel

I've been into the '70s classic book "Color Me Beautiful."  Win is a summer--no doubt.  Doesn't he look great in this shirt!   Jared and Win are summers and Harriet (I think) and I are springs.  When I put on shirts like Win's blue one I look like a zombie.  Isn't Win a hottie!

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christy pacanowski2008-07-26

ah...i am totally into my colors. you have to get it officially done at personal palette...it is super fun! im thinkign this color shirt might be in the winter's palette (im a winter), but it sure does look great on him :) im totally not the expert though. and yes, you look fabulous in that spring green color you wear :)

Betsy King2008-07-26

Ohh, oohh, what am I? Winter? : )


And a cutie!

Grandma Dean2008-07-27

Is there a color that wouldn't look good on Win?????? He's just too darn cute to notice !!