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Coming Home

September 27, 2010   |   by Rachel

Yesterday we brought home our baby Dale. She seems to like it here. It's been really quiet without Win and Harriet. Any girl named Dale really needs to start out life with a good pair of boots.  (really I just found them on clearance a couple of months ago, before we knew her name.  And the thought of Frye boots on an infant made me giggle.)

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so cute! love her boots--and hair. they make her look old, wise, and fashion-conscious.


Is she wearing leggings with the boots?!!!! Love it! Rock it DAle!


I know she is going to love being home!!!!!


Congratulations, on Dale! We were so happy and thankful to hear your good news. (Don't know if you remember me but we had dinner in Breck. with you all a few years back.) Bruce emailed about the birth I get a kick out of you, your photos, your site!! Love those boots! Lovely family! I really enjoy my camera - just a small Canon - SX120IS which I'm learning as it's a replacement for a Canon that gave out after 2.5 years in the midst of a trip to England. :-(. I've worked with Irfanview but have just purchased PhotoshopElements to get a few more options. Seems a ton to learn. Keep clicking. I shall be watching. Philippa


The "coming home outfit" is out of control! When she is a grown-up fashionista you can pull out these pics!