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August 11, 2010   |   by Rachel

One day my sister and I were in a public bathroom.  Throughout the shop they had decorated the walls with those inspirational vinyl words.  She pointed out to me that the word they chose to put in the bathroom, over the john was, "courage."  We had quite a laugh over that one.  Really, who needs to be reminded to dip into their inner courage while...um...using the leu. Ever since then I've paid much more attention to the decorating in bathrooms.  Some of it can be quite humorous, given the context.  This one tops the charts for me.  It's in the bathroom at our gym.  Harriet is modeling the location of this amazing inspirational poster. Frankly I beg to differ.  For me, in the bathroom, I don't really define success as a journey.

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thank you for making me laugh out loud!!!


I was at a wedding the other day at a beach house and there was one on the wall that said "Let your dreams set sail" with a little sailboat. Seriously, right next to the can. WHAT?!?