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Cooking Tip #1: Always double check which burner you turn on, especially when cooling a cake on top of your stove.

July 17, 2009   |   by Rachel

Since I've been a little behind on getting out the photography tips I thought that I'd throw in a little cooking tip occasionally.  Here's one that I learned yesterday. Cakes don't cool very well on the top of your stove if you turn on the burner. Yesterday Win and I were making a cake.  It was perfect.  As it was sweetly cooling on the top of my stove I turned on the burner to start cooking beans for dinner.  A minute later I started smelling burning sugar and looked to find that I'd turned on the wrong burner.  I was frying the layer cake!  I turned it off, got my camera, turned it back on and snapped a picture.  I was able to salvage it by cutting off the bottom, but the cake is a little short. ![IMG9756-Edit](/01770-cooking-tip-1-always-double-check-which-burner-you-turn-on-especially-when-cooling-a-cake-on-top-of-your-stove-00.jpg "IMG9756-Edit")

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funny. glad you were able to salvage some of it. :)

Jenny {Zenobia Studios}2009-07-19

Aw man! good save ; )


This is totally something I'd do! Nice capture :)


Alas, it happens - the photos of it, rarely.....

meg duerksen2009-07-20

this is my first time here. i found you through the NetRivet site. i love it here! you are an awesome photographer. just wanted to say hello... have a great week!