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October 04, 2006   |   by Rachel

Win loves to check out all of the corners of our house. He crawls behind the sofa looking for frayed bits of carpet. He crawls between the recliner and the stand until his body is on top of the cold air return and then he slaps it. He really likes the cold air return. Slapping is the highest expression of affection. He tries to crawl behind the toilet, but, well, that is really gross. The bathroom door stays closed all of the time now. Here is a cute shot of him returning from a trip behind the hope chest. That corner is usually good for some frayed bits of carpet (which he can spot from 10 feet away) and a couple of cobwebs. I used to think that I keep our house decently clean. Win makes it his daily goal to prove otherwise.

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so cute. i'm sure he keeps you very busy!


He is just toooooo cute.


this is my favorite post so far.