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Cottage cheese, just like Ma makes it.

March 18, 2010   |   by Rachel

We've been reading through the Little House on the Prairie series with Winfield.  Oh my goodness!  If you haven't ever read these, or if it's been a while, pick them up.  Even if you don't have kids, these books are page turning.  Pa and Ma would put olympic athletes to shame with what they endured.  Pa is the ultimate man's man, building houses out of timber, surviving 4 day blizzards without shelter and walking 100s of miles for work.  Ma, raises 4 girls, survives scarlet fever, thinks that she's a widow nearly a dozen times and fights for the education of her daughters even though they are thousands of miles from civilization.  Really that isn't even the beginning of all that they endured.  Through it all their family is so sweet.  The girls love each other.  Pa and Ma respect each other.  And they live in some of the most unique and classic of American historical events. So anyway, Ma has been serving cottage cheese to her family throughout the series.  Winfield had, by now, figured out that everything that Pa and Ma use or eat they make from the earth.  He's been asking how to make cottage cheese, so we looked up a recipe.  This is what I found.  It's true, I didn't till the soil to raise the grain to feed the cow who'd provide the milk.  Nor did I milk the cow, heat the milk on a wood stove and rinse it with water that I'd hauled from a well, but it's kinda the same.  Right?  Here's what we made.  The kids really liked it.  It is quite tasty.  I think that it's probably the half and half :-)  And Hattie looks so cute with a cottage cheese mustache. Cottage Cheese Recipe

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and you said you wouldn't be a natural homeschooler...


Think I may have to start calling you Ma! Fun!

Jen VH2010-04-04

I love these books! If you want to learn more about Laura and her family, there's a great biography out there that's simply called "Laura."