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Cue the snow

November 25, 2007   |   by Rachel

This past weekend, while spending Thanksgiving in Detroit with Jared's family, I took some family pictures of Jared's brother's family for their Christmas cards. As we stepped out back for about 15 minutes the sun peeked out from behind the clouds just enough to light up the perfectly falling snow. I love the rim lighting on these.

Jamie and Sarah have been married for almost 6 years. They have a great marriage. A couple of days ago Sarah was telling a story about their honeymoon and remembering how little she knew her husband at that point. She ended her story with, "Boy was I lucky. I don't think that I really knew who I was marrying but it has worked out really good." Jamie, notoriously averse to cameras, started laughing when Sarah started quoting lines from the office.Jamie and Sarah have provided 2 cousins for Win and Harriet. Jordan, who is 3, and Stella, who is 2 months older than Harriet.Isn't Jordan beautiful?



beautiful! i love the snowflakes.



we love these pictures! thanks so much for making them!


Wonderful pictures, wonderful family!


I just can't stop watching!! These pictures are gorgeous, adorable, cute, funny, loving, sweet, real. They just captured everything that GOD created, and it is in the smiles of those children and your family is blessed. Thanks for sharing! God Bless! <3