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Dale time

April 04, 2011   |   by Rachel

During those times when I'm done with my workout, Win and Harriet are peacefully napping, dinner is all prepped, Dale is nursed, fed pureed beets, and bathed, the house is clean, email all responded to, and my to do list is complete I grab Dale and we have playtime. When I play with Dale I usually sit on the bed and prop her against my legs.  Then I tickle her, fly her in the air and make all kinds of goofy faces to make her laugh.  It's where I've played with all of my babies.  Today my camera was next to me so I grabbed a few shots.  This is Dale time.  If you can't tell, she's a very smiley baby. (Sometimes she smiles at me with her irresistible smile I walk over to her like a zombie, unable to do anything but walk to her and pick her up, even though the house might not be exactly clean.)

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She is looking older to me. SO adorable!


She is growing so fast! And looks so sweet!


These pictures are great!!! She is adorable....savor these precious times....it's goes by way too quickly!

Gina Peterson2011-04-19

That photo of her grabbing your face melts my heart... I can't even tell you how great that moment makes me feel! GREAT SHOT!