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Dinner for 30 and lodging for 21

December 03, 2009   |   by Rachel

Every year it works like clock work.  The mashed potatoes go in the crockpot.  Aunt Susan brings the Jello and broccoli salads-same recipes every year.  The chocolate pie, chocolate chip pie, the pumpkin pie, the pecan pie and the chocolate pecan pie are all made by Jan ahead of time.  Aunt Claudia makes Reeses' peanut butter cup cookies and brings them in the same tupperware.  Jason eats them by the dozen.  Aunt Prudy makes chocolate chip cookies.  Janna organizes the sleeping arrangement.  Bruce picks up Great-Grandma right before dinner.  It's been going something like this for much longer than I've been a Henderson. Dinner is at 6:00ish because the all of the boys used to go to the Lions game.  They haven't done that in 9 years, but dinner is still at 6:00ish.  Family comes from New York, North Carolina, and Ohio.  This year the count was 30 for dinner and lodging for 21, from Wednesday through Saturday.  It's a really big affair. It was dark outside and loud inside.  I didn't get my camera out nearly as much as I would have liked.  But I grabbed some of Bruce's pictures.  On our first day there Bruce and I went to his camera shop and picked out a new camera and lens for him.  Bruce is a diligent photographer.  He is never without his camera.  He was the first person that I knew of to own a digital SLR.  It was really big stuff when he bought it.  The problem is that he was still shooting that same camera.  If my memory is correct he purchased this for Christmas of 2003.  It was really fun to go with him.  The new Rebel that he bought is a really great camera. I also shot a couple of images for Jared's siblings Christmas cards.  They are in the slideshow too.


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Looks like lots of fun!

Bruce Henderson2009-12-05

What a terrific summary of our annual Thanksgiving extravaganza. The slide show brings back the memories of a wonderful week of family fun. Thanks for helping to make it all possible. GG