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Do this for free.

January 06, 2007   |   by Rachel

Here is a little preview of what Skype can do. Skype is a free program that you can download from the Internet. All you need is a webcam and a microphone (most webcams have microphones built in). Anybody up for free video phone calls from Win?What I see at home:What Jared sees at work:The audio is amazing. It is much clearer that a telephone.

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the new computer looks great!


When Win is ready to talk on the phone, let me know.


Actually, I think I talked to Win on the phone the other day...Rachel, about one minute or so after I hung up with you when you called for the recipe, our phone rang again. And it was your phone (at your parents') because I could hear you talking to Jared in the background...but no one answered when I said things, all I heard were what I could only assume to be noises from Win playing with the phone. He must have hit redial :)

grma dean2007-01-06

We are ready with our web cam any time!!