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Dress Rehearsal

October 05, 2012   |   by Rachel

The kids' costumes came to day.  They picked them last week.  It was a perfect time for a dress rehearsal.  They worn them for most of the evening.  I got to read Elmo a book tonight before bed.  If you ever get the chance to read Elmo a book I highly advise it. Growing up we always made our own costumes, usually with a little scorn for the "store bought" ones.  Now, as a mother I look back at all the work my mom did, modifying our pajamas into Care Bears, assembling Holly Hobby, and building California Raisins with trash bags and balloons.  For some reason I always thought that I was the one building the costume (boy was I wrong).  Amazon, you have saved me a lot of work (cost me a bit of money)!  Mom you were amazing.

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Indirah Wek Michmerhuizen2012-10-06

They are adorable, my kids wanted me to buy this year but Matt never dressed up growing up, so I have to settled for any custome we can put together for the Harvest Festival at Vineyard.

Bonnie Kindschi Dean2012-10-06

Thank you Rachel! It was all fun! Especially seeing you love your costumes and head out the door on your great exciting Halloween adventure. But this looks so fun too! Win looks so terrific, Harriet makes a beautiful princess and Dale as always is so sweet and cuddly in her Elmo costume. Bet they were excited to get their costumes and enjoy them before the big night too. I was just telling someone that after spending the summer there I miss the almost daily contact and knowing what they are doing. Thanks for the post!

Melissa Lam2012-10-06

I love love love all the costumes- but Dale wearing Elmo and holding Elmo just takes cuteness to another level!

Eunie Hillen Burnham2012-10-06

The twins are TOTALLY into Elmo, but I haven't heard about Elmo a book?? More info please?

Johanna Poole2012-10-06

princess sneakers. girls gotta walk to get that candy. gotta keep it real hattie.