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Duct Tape is Not an Effective Swaddle

June 11, 2006   |   by Rachel

Last week we had several really hot days. Being that Win tends to be a hot baby his standard double layered swaddle, which keeps him nice and snug through the entire nap, was too hot for him. We have learned by experience that swaddling him in a single layer simply doesn't last more than a couple of minutes. In an attempt to keep him cool during one of his naps we experimented by "reinforcing" one layer. As you can see in the top photo, Win was game. About 20 minutes into his nap I heard yelling from his crib. I discovered Win angrily kicking unbound legs. He simply doesn't sleep without being swaddled. Needless to say, we swaddled him with two layers and turned on the air conditioning.

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This little tiger may just have to learn to sleep unswaddled this summer. He is just tooooo much. :) grandma jan


He looks kind of like his cousin Ezra in the first picture.


yeah, i can definitely see the resemblance!


Somebody call CPS!


that's what i was thinking ben. if you're going to take incriminating photos don't let your social work friends see them ;)

Melisse Clark2015-05-02

You idiot!!!