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Elle Woods as My Parenting Mentor (kind of)

September 15, 2008   |   by Rachel

Yesterday, we paraded over to the mall and pierced Harriet's ears.  I'd been looking forward to this ever since we found out that we were having a girl.  She looks so cute with her sparkly little fake diamond studs!  In Elle Woods fashion I want my daughter to grow up knowing that being a girl and being intelligent are in no way mutually exclusive.  I want her to know that enjoying pretty things is no more shallow that scorning them.  She did such a good job!  She cried, but only for a couple of minutes.  We had a bottle ready for her right away.  She sat and cuddled with Jared while drinking her bottle and calming down. Here she getting prepped.  She held her tongue out the whole time. It took her a long time to pick out which earrings she wanted.

The betrayal .

So pretty![](/01180-elle-woods-as-my-parenting-mentor-kind-of-05.jpg "a080914084-photoshoped")

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Erin Groeber2008-09-18

that is adorable! Is she able to sleep in them OK? I can't wait to have a little girl and teach her about pretty things... great choice on the earrings harriet!

Christen Bordenkircher2008-10-14

Rachel - I just wanted to say 'hello' and let you know I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. I am glad you had a good time at the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Fort Wayne!! Aw, memories from childhood... I love the memories that you are capturing of your children's growing up years - they are going to have the best documented life EVER... -Christen


oh my gosh! so out of control. so pretty. great pictures. my mom did the same thing for us. elle woods is so deep. well-phrased post!


NICE! Even Jared wore pink for the occasion.