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Fall Chores

November 09, 2006   |   by Rachel

Win spent yesterday afternoon working outside. It was a beautiful afternoon, perfect for autumn yardwork. Winfield got a lot done. He repeatedly crawled under the truck, climbed the cement steps to our door and he tasted as many of the leaves as he could. All in all it was a very productive day.

Thanks for the shirt Kiah.

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I wonder if he will be able to help Grandpa G put up the Christmas lights????

Rachel Henderson2006-11-09

I am certain that he would be more than willing to help. He tod me that he would like to lick all of the electrical outlets and chew on the cords. He also offered to climb up a ladder to decorate the tree that is by the garage. Nick doesn't have to do it this year.


that's good, because nick won't be there. he'll be happy to know win can fill his shoes :) very cute pictures!


What terrific pictures!!! That kid is handsome. I liked the choice of shirt - perfect fall colors. The middle picture makes him seem like a 3 year old who shaves his head. The big tree by the garage is gone and replaced by another just Win's size. Can't wait til Nov. 24th!


Rachel Henderson2006-11-11

Win understands that the tree beside the garage has been replaced. He still will need a ladder.