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Fall+Sunshine+Apples+Peanut Butter=:-)

October 21, 2009   |   by Rachel

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New reader alert! Hi Rachel, I found your beautiful site from some online pursing and ferver. I love LOVE your photos! I too am a photographer (I bet you have heard that a kazillion times) but only just starting out, and I wonder HOW do you get such clarity on your photos? What lens are you using? Well, they are just lovely. You have such a superb talent!


I see Hattie got her dress back. :)


very enchantig set of photo fantastic portrait with awesome colors and dof really many compliments


Thank you very much for your information. Will keep following your blog~~!


Hattie's hair is long and Win's hair is short! Have I been gone that long?


Just love your pics!!! The light, coulor, clarity,...


Can i know your lens and camera??


Beautiful pictures, A moving picnic, how fun!

Rachel Henderson2009-10-23

Kristen and Sandy, For these images I was shooting Canon Mark II, the 70-200 2.8L IS, and the 50mm 1.4. It's hard to answer the clarity question. There are a bunch of factors. Camera and lens help, but they are not everything. I start with very careful focusing. I make sure that my subject is perfectly in focus. I throw out a lot of good pictures because the eyes of my subject are soft and not tack sharp. ALso, I dodge and burn most of my images. Even though this doesn't make anything sharper it draws the eye to the subject and makes the image cleaner. Finally I use Kubota's Magic Sharp on everything. Have fun!


lots of fun. can't wait to see you guys soon!