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Family Picture

August 05, 2007   |   by Jared

We're 2.5 days into our Henderson family reunion/vacation, and we just finished taking our family pictures. Here's the whole clan of us, 20 strong (if you count Rachel's belly), in my parents back yard. We also tried to do another cousin line-up, but had tons of drama. Win was crying constantly and trying to run away during the picture.



I'm so familiar with that crying face. You have to love it :)

Hendersons are great too! Hope you're having/had fun.

Alan Spearot2007-08-06

This picture is priceless!!!

I heard about your blog from Kiran and Sheetal this weekend.

Coincidentally, I am also in Bloomfield - until this Friday. Perhaps there is a free moment to meet up? acspearot at gmail

Say hi to everybody for me.



tell jason and jesse we said hi!