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Father and Son

September 23, 2006   |   by Rachel

Jared is at the Michigan Wisconsin game today with two of our friends and Jared's dad. Win was a little upset that he had to stay home with the girls. He and I went to a birthday party of a 4 year old girl. I painted their toenails and fingernails pink and purple with sparkles. Girliness was everywhere. He managed to get through it by chewing on a maize and blue hackey sack.

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grma dean2006-09-23

Win's eyes are like two big blue buttons - they are so cute. Jared's are too but Win's are so wonderfully wide open.

Rachel Henderson2006-09-23

Win often receives compliments on him large, observant eyes.


Priceless photo!! One day Win will be at the game with the guys.