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First Christmas program

December 08, 2011   |   by Rachel

On Tuesday Winfield's school had their Christmas program.  It was quite the production.  Central Wesleyan the enormous show.  From where we sat we couldn't even see Winfield.  He was too small!  I snuck up to the front, equipped with my 200mm lens and got a couple of shots.He got to carry the S for the singin of "I Blieve in Santa Claus" which is sung to the tune of B.I.N.G.O.There he is :-) When we got there all of the other kids were wearing dress clothes.  Win was donning his R2D2 shirt and jeans.  We were a little concerned that he'd notice and feel self-conscious since he's been nervous about this concert for a couple of weeks.  So we didn't say anything.  Then just before bed after the show he said to me, "Mom do you know why all of the kids were wearing fancy clothes?"  I plainly responded, "That's what they decided to wear."  He quickly replied, "No!  It's cuz' they told us to wear fancy clothes."

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Don't worry Win! Becky told my parents (walking out the door in a black sweatsuit) that she was supposed to dress up as a spider for the Christmas program. The teacher had said "dress up"... and that was Becky's interpretation!!


The kid in the front row has quite the sharp tan suit & bowtie! This post made me think of Becky's spider suit, too.


That's tpo funny!


oops! "too"