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First Cookie Party for Win

December 16, 2006   |   by Rachel

Win attended his first ever LaBarge Christmas Cookie Party. Every year since 1997 our good friend Melissa LaBarge has thrown a Christmas cookie decorating party for all of her friends. Jared, Melissa and Heather Swier are the only three people who have attended all 10 years. I missed one year because I was in Mexico. We are all so die-hard about this party that we even had t-shirts made to commemorate this the tenth annual party. As you might be able to see from the picture this is no ordinary cookie decorating party. This is a cut-throat competitive decorating party. If your cookie is not 3D it better be amazing to even get noticed by the judge--Missy's Dad.

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That always looks like a blast. Did Win offer any artistic advice?


man, i am so mad i missed this! i have wanted to go for quite a few years now.


Who gets to eat the cookies???

I know some volunteers.