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First First First

September 06, 2011   |   by Rachel

Our first kid started his first day of his first year of school!  Happy first day of kindergarten Win!  It was unseasonably 49 degrees when we dropped him off.  He was a bit cold. His school was built as a middle school, so he gets to have a locker.  Lucky kindergardener.Here he in as the class was just starting.  He was a little apprehensive all morning, but also very excited.  I'm guessing that when I pick him up this afternoon he'll be calm and content.  I love the look on his face in this picture.  It is very Winfield.  It's a combination of nervous confidence.  He has always been a cautious adventurer.  He never passes up the opportunity for an adventure, a new thing of an exciting trip, a thrilling ride.  But he likes to see others go first and he likes to know that it's safe.  Really, it's a mother's dream. 

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Janna Coates2011-09-06

Can't wait to hear how he liked it! :)


What an memorable day!