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Frappa and Onna

November 16, 2007   |   by Rachel

The James girls wanted to take a bath in the bubble tub while we were there. They put on their suits and brought Win in with them. It was too much fun. It may or may not have been because a babysitter was in charge but the bubbles got a little out of hand at one point. This is Francesca. Winfield called her, "Frappa" all week.This is Adrianna, whom Win called, "Onna."These pictures really show their personalities. Onna is quick, talkative and not at all camera shy. Frappa is reserved, thoughtful and intelligent. They are amazing kids with fabulous parents. They were a blessing to stay with.(Don't worry Onna is just as pretty as Frappa.)More pictures to come.

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Betsy King2007-11-16

Ooh my goodness these are AMAZINGGGGG!! Me Ra would be proud! If I lived closer I would soooo be inviting myself to come over and do my own little shoot in that amazing tub. ; )

Rachel Henderson2007-11-16

Yup, they have a tub with a window. It's a photographer's dream.


You've taken such beautiful photographs of my dear cousins:)