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February 29, 2008   |   by Rachel

Win and Harriet have a great little relationship. Win likes to entertain Harriet. Harriet likes to be entertained.

He teaches her how to crawl.

080219_harriet-shoes-0047-edit-2.jpgBrushes her hair.080222_change-of-status-0053-edit.jpg And gives her hugs. 080228_hug-0090-edit.jpg 080228_hug-0098-edit.jpg

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Grandma Dean2008-02-29

That is just too sweet. What a great big brother to "Hattie Bear". I love watching her kick to try to get the toy, and Win pushing her diaper to help her crawl.

Sara Dean2008-02-29

I love the picture of Win brushing Harriet's hair. She's looking at the camera like "You aren't really going to let him do this to me are you?"


how sweet. they look sooooooooo much alike in that video!


What fun, they can entertain each other all day.