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Fun in the Fort

July 06, 2008   |   by Rachel

Jared , Win Harriet and I hopped in out air conditioned, blue streak, minivan and sped down to Fort Wayne for 24 hours for a party that my Mom threw.  I grew up in a city with no relatives.  My mom and 3 other moms got together on a regular basis to pray for their kids.  Those families became my Fort Wayne family.  Long time friends and non-blood cousins are the Smits, Stauffer and Zabel family. Here I am at the party with Betsy.  Betsy and her husband John are fabulous photographers in Fort Wayne.  Our journey into photography is very similar.  We had a blast talking geeky photog stuff.  Thanks for letting me get my grubby hands on your 5D Bets!

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There must have been another great photographer there, that is a wondeful picture.