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Further understanding of the Nativity

January 27, 2009   |   by Rachel

While in the Bathtub Winfield held up this lego guy and told me. "I have some poop from this baby...This is Baby Jesus...And Hattie is God...You're Mary and her little lamb...And Daddy's Joseph...I'm Bob the alligator."090127_love_0004

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sounds about right except for Bob--that must be apocryphal. You're teaching him well!


That is really deep! Love the necklace in the bathtub!

Betsy King2009-01-28

Hilarious! Miles is coming to your place for sunday school from now on.

Jen VH2009-01-28

Very enlightening.

Leah T2009-01-28

That's cute how Winfield thinks so highly of his sister!

Jason Drumm2009-01-29

Awesome! Good theology is so important.

Benjamin Tennant2009-01-30

Rachel, Perfect. I love little kids' imaginations.

Lisa K2009-01-30

Truly treasured memories...cracks me up!