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Gift from Jamie, Sarah, Jordan and Stella

August 21, 2007   |   by Rachel

Yesterday Win received a special gift in the mail from his uncle, aunt and cousins. Win has developed the contagious habit of barking (euwww, euwww) at all dogs, and anything that he thinks is interesting. Over vacation his barking was so infectious that by the end of the week aunts and uncles could be heard saying, "euwww, euwww" whenever something of interest happened. In honor of his love for dogs, and his love for barking at most things, he got this book in the mail. For the sake of translation, clapping means 'more' or 'I like it.' Listen for his trademark, "euwww, euwww" He does it first on the 4-dogs page. And be careful, you might catch yourself doing it.

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glad he likes it!! :)

Rachel Henderson2007-08-21

He LOVES it! I've read it probably 10 times today. He likes to try to make all of the different noises. He's got about 3 down so far.


thanks jared,

now i can just plop my kids in front of the computer for storytime. :) miriam and levi watched/listened about three times in a row this afternoon.

if win wants to hang out with some other dog lovers, come on over!