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Grand Theft Auto

December 01, 2008   |   by Rachel

This morning I got the kids out of the child care at the gym.  Upon strapping Harriet into her car seat she slid this little auto out of her pocket.  Hmm...I think that we're going to have to keep a close eye on this to make sure that she doesn't become a car thief.

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you take your camera to the gym??

Rachel Henderson2008-12-01

Don't you?

christy pacanowski2008-12-01

i wanted to comment the exact thing...you had you camera at the gym? then i read the comment sarah already made...totally with her!

Rachel Henderson2008-12-02

I confess. I didn't have my camera at the gym. I didn't feel like unstrapping my kids and hauling them back in so that I could return the stolen car. We just drove home with it and I snapped this picture in our driveway. The car will go back home on Wednesday.