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Grandpa Dean

August 29, 2007   |   by Rachel

Friends of Win, Jared and I have been a little behind in getting you your daily requirement of Winfield pictures. I photographed a wedding this weekend, which makes for a very busy week for both of us.Win's Grandpa and Grandma Dean came for a mid-week visit to see Win before the baby girl is born. Grandpa brought Win a bunch of books that have pictures of dogs (euwww, euwwws to Win). Clifford and the puppies was clearly his favorite. He likes to point out the puppies and other animals in the book.Win loves to identify pictures in books. In his favorite book of all time--Doggies, by Sandra Boynton--he has chosen to call the largest, mean looking dog,"mama." Naturally, this is so funny that Jared and others encourage his identifying large mean things in this way.My parents brought their camera to the park tonight. As soon as I get those pictures from them I'll put some up.

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Looks like fun.


Very funny about the large dog. I know exactly which one you are referring to!