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Grandpa Dean

April 23, 2006   |   by Rachel

Win and Grandpa enjoyed some time on the porch together before the shower. We had a great trip that started out a bit rough. We had the car all packed and ready to go. When we tried to leave it would not start. All three of us piled into our truck for the trip to Fort Wayne. If you have ever seen our truck you know what a feat that was. It is an '86 Mazda pickup. It does have 3 seat belts but to say that it has 3 seats is a stretch. We made it there and back with no more trouble than some stiffness from the tight squeeze. The shower was wonderful. The weather was perfect. Win was happy. The house looked beautiful. The food was abundant and delicious. Grandma did a great job throwing a fun shower. Thank you!

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What deep thoughts is Win thinking there?


What a terrific Grandpa picture! GG