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Growing Up FAST!

March 15, 2007   |   by Rachel

As a mother I am constantly reminded by friends, acquaintances and strangers that kids grow fast. That became quite apparent this morning when Jared and I noticed that Win has started to grow facial hair. They DO grow fast![](/00209-growing-up-fast-01.jpg)What do you think of his crustache?

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what a fun picture...


how is his mouth that dirty and his bib that clean??


I remember when his dad used to dye his mustache to get it to look like that.


Great crustache Win! I love it!

On a side note:

I noticed your bib in the photo stating that you were Hope College class of 20 ??. Many people might say that's adorable, but who knows? In college I hosted a soccer recruit that came to us from North Carolina. She showed up with a picture of her wearing a shirt that said "Marquette Class of 20 ??". There were several events that happened while on her recruiting trip that, in my mind, solidified the fact that this girl WOULD NEVER come to Marquette. However, at the beginning of the season picnic, there she was, toting her Marquette Class of 20 ?? picture. Perhaps it was the PICTURE that made the decision to come. You never know. :)


such a grown-up crustache! you'll have a hard time keeping the girls away with that manly look!