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Growing up too fast

February 28, 2011   |   by Rachel

Yep, the day has come.  Our little baby is FIVE!!! years old.  How did that happen so fast?!  I still feel like a new mom.  Win is such a great kid.  Today he turns five.  If you look closely it seems like he's even getting facial hair.  That or he was just licking batter from his birthday cake and created a pretty sweet porn-stash and soul patch.  He's been asking for a Titanic shaped birthday cake for about 364 days.  We're working on it together today.  He has requested that we make it sinking and that we include a hospital and boiler room as some of the details.  I'll post some pictures of what we come up with.

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Steve Post2011-02-28

Hey, Happy big Five, Win! Hope it's a great day!


Happy Birthday Winfield! (and good luck with the cake Rachel!) :)


Happy Happy Birthday to you Win!! What a fun cake idea!!

Lisa Koedyker2011-02-28

Happy 5th Birthday Win! Have fun making your Titanic birthday cake with your Mom!


I can't believe it either, happy birthday.


happy birthday to such an awesome nephew!!!!