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Happy Birthday

February 27, 2007   |   by Rachel

Winfield recieved a birthday present in the mail today. He spent over an hour inspecting it this afternoon. He isn't exactly sure what it is though. Because he can't read he had to use the pictures as clues. He has never seen anything like it before and he can't quite understand how it would be used with all of the snow that is on the ground. He has no memory of an outside without snow so is must be an inside toy. He fell asleep with a mystery tonight. We told him that he would have to wait until his birthday party to open it.Thanks Grandpa Goose and Grandma Jan!

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Sometimes the box is the most fun, but come spring, he will understand it more fully. Happy Birthday!!!!


I cant believe he is almost a year old already. They grow so fast! Rachael your pictures are going to give you such wonderful memories of his childhood. They are beautiful.


Happy Birthday Win! :)

Love, Chloe and Luke (and Aunt Janna and Uncle Nathan)


happy birthday, win! we've been thinking and talking about you today. hope your second year is awesome. have a fun party!

Mark & Tonya2007-03-01

Hey Rachel -

I can't believe your little guy is ONE! :) I'm so sad we haven't kept in touch at all - but wanted you to know I've been keeping myself updated by checking out your/Win's site. :) First- adorable pictures- you're photography is amazing! I'm sure it's not hard with such a cute "subject." :) Second- it's been great to see such fun details of your life- I feel like I should be sharing too! Anyway, if you take a blog break, feel free to email me sometime at tnhammond@taylor.edu- it would be fun to hear from you!

Your long lost friend- Tonya (Strubhar!)