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Happy Birthday Jared

February 23, 2013   |   by Rachel

Dale has a habit that is too cute to resist.  Several times a day she climbs into our bed, wiggles under the covers and waits like a skilled predator.  Then when someone passes by our bedroom door she strikes, with 100% accuracy.  Her prey always falls.  She does it by yelling, "DO YOU WANT TO SNUGGLE WITH ME?!?!"  She has yet to be denied.  "Snuggling" means to lay in bed with her, under the covers (that is very important) and to read books to her.  Her stamina for books in incredible.  To be honest I can't remember a time that she ended our book reading session, and Jared and I have tested her limits.  I'm talking reading to her for nearly 2 hours and she still asks for more.  Naturally this isn't too common that she gets to read and read and read.  But this morning she celebrated Jared's birthday by asking first thing in the morning "Do you want to snuggle with me?" in her amazingly cute 2-year-old voice.  Happy Birthday!  Really can it get better?

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Bonnie Kindschi Dean2013-02-24

That's too cute!! Love it!!

Denise Crews2013-02-28