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Happy Birthday

August 28, 2006   |   by Jared

Well, today is Win's 6 month birthday. To celebrate, we decided to make a music video of the little chomper. Enjoy.

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happy 1/2 birthday win! you are a super star :)


A party boy for sure,happy half.

grma dean2006-08-29

What a wild and crazy guy! A real rocker!


jared & rachel!

we meet in blogland :) long story how i got here...

this video of win in hilariously cute.

i saw your other blog too (the one with your friends) and it makes me miss you all! now you can visit me too--matt has a blog, too, but he never writes on it :)


you guys are so stinkin' creative! win looks like he's about to puke by the end.