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Happy Easter!

April 04, 2010   |   by Rachel

Welcome to our house on Easter.  The Dean blood comes out in our family for Easter.  Growing up we always had a big Easter egg hunt in our house.  Eggs were color coded for each kid and filled with quarters, cereal and stickers.  We did this Easter egg hunt for years, I'm talking until 2008, when I was 28.  That's when the Easter bunny (my Dad) started wintering in Arizona and no one got together for Easter anymore.  Now the kids are old enough.  Jared and I took up the mantle and hid a bunch of eggs around the house.  The kids were elated with the game. The kids waited upstairs in Win's room while we hid the eggs.  Here's Jared explaining the game to them. Both Harriet and Win decided to put on sunglasses the "help" them find missing eggs. They had a blast going through their loot.



Hi,I'm a Chinese girl,I got your website from one of my friends on the internet.I like your photos very much,they are so beautiful,and I think you you must be a great mother,I feel the deep love in your photos. Harriet is so cute when she puts on sunglasses. This is my first comment in English,if there is some words wrong,please forgive me ^_^

Betsy King2010-04-04

DUh! Cereal! Great idea! We thought of the idea of raisins or something non-candy AFTER the egg hunt this morning. Rookie mistake! Happy Easter!!!


Looks like they took this tradition very seriously - and had a blast!

benjamin tennant2010-04-05

Great stuff. I'm missing you guys this morning. Thanks for the great pictures!

Eileen Broderick2010-04-23

These are so adorable!! Your kids are beautiful. Your photos are beautiful. I think I will be a regular visitor here! Love that little outfit on Harriet, too. =)