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Happy Father's Day Jared

June 17, 2012   |   by Rachel

The kids made cards for Jared for Father's Day.  I thought that you all might enjoy their thoughts. This is Win's card.  I told him to draw a picture of something that Daddy likes.  He drew a picture of Jared watching Dale say "puppy"  Dale loves to say "puppy."  Jared loves to watch her.  Win also wanted to put "NetRivet stickers" on the card.  It seems that he's a little confused about the difference between Apple and NetRivet.  They really are very similar :-)   Jared Netrivet Netrivet   Puppy...Yeah I love you Dadouuo (That's how Dale says Daddy) I like you.  I like that you jump with me.  Love Win     Harriet drew an ice cream cone and a pattern and wrote some of her thoughts about Daddy. Daddy I like it when you wrestle with me.   I Like you Daddy   Dale put some puppy stickers on a piece of paper and then chewed on it.  She has lost her privilege of using markers after some wall/floor/couch coloring exploits.

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Tyler N Brooke Coleman2012-06-30

That is just so precious :)

Denise Crews2012-07-26

Win has always been the sweetest :)