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Happy New Year

January 03, 2012   |   by Rachel

There's a new addition to the Linde Family.  On New Year's Eve our next door neighbors welcomed this little bundle into their home, literally.  Evelyn Rose was born at home at 11:50 on December 31.  She has 3 older brothers and an older sister who all take great care of her.  Win, Harriet and Dale have lots of playing ahead of them with this little one.

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BEAUTIFUL girl!!! wow!

Sandy Stoelinga2012-01-12

Hi Rachel - You captured our new granddaughter beautifully! I really enjoyed observing how you take these precious photos. It's one thing to take beautiful pictures, but amazing how you were able to calm her down so she was relaxed for her first photo shoot! You sure have a gift. Can't wait to see more. Love your blog; enjoyed viewing your photos and videos. I will be visiting often.


Oh how precious! So tiny!!!!

Christine Chobirko2012-01-04

I have prophoto 4 and the way you have your masthead slideshow( i have that set up)with the clickable grid is exactly what I want. How did you get your grid to stay on the homepage. I have spent 2 days trying to go this. Christine