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Harriet Rachel

September 24, 2007   |   by Jared

Here she is!!! Harriet Rachel Henderson. 8 pounds, 1 ounces. Born at 7:33pm. Delivery went great, mom and baby are doing awesome. Looks like a brunette so far. Click on the pictures to see larger versions if you want.

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sheetal patel2007-09-24

congratulations!!!! she's beautiful!


She and mommy are beautiful.

Postmaster Steve2007-09-24

Wooooo-hooo! We're sooo glad to hear that everything went well. What beautiful, deep, dark eyes!

Now, make sure Rachel finishes that sandwich in the foreground so she gets that energy back. We'll pop in tomorrow to say hi. Sleep well, newly larger Henderson family! :P


oh, how wonderful! she's very pretty...those open mouth pictures look a lot like winfield. congratulations, jared and rachel. we're so glad it went smoothly and you have a perfect little girl.


She's beautiful! We can't wait to meet her :)


LOVE the name! Thanks for getting me to bed on time.


Ceci LaBarge2007-09-24

Welcome to the world Harriet. Rach, take a few sleeping pills, they hand em out like candy over there!


so happy for you all. she looks just perfect. lots of love to you all!


Awww...she is gorgeous! LOVE the huge eyes. Congratulations. How wonderful. Win is going to be such a great brother.


that last picture of Win kills me


I'm so happy for you Jared & Rachel (and Winfield) on your newest little addition. Harriett is adorable!!!