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Harriet the Conductor and Win the Engineer

March 28, 2008   |   by Rachel

 Harriet's been enjoying the train set too.  As Win drives the trains around the tracks for hours every day, Harriet does repairs on the rails.  She skooches through the room grabbing train tracks as she goes.  She just chews on them and skooches some more.  She usually travels backward, much to her dismay.  Thankfully there are usually toys behind for her to discover as she moves around the room.[


](/00581-harriet-the-conductor-and-win-the-engineer-00.jpg "080327_train2-0041-edit.jpg")[


](/00581-harriet-the-conductor-and-win-the-engineer-01.jpg "080327_train2-0105-edit.jpg")[


](/00581-harriet-the-conductor-and-win-the-engineer-02.jpg "080327_train2-0182-edit.jpg")

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So very cute. I like Harriet's job. :)


that is an awesome picture of harriet. what a cutie!


Typical sister behavior. Looks like Win is following in his grandfather's "tracks". GG

Betsy King2008-03-31

I have LOVED all three of your latest posts. You are the sweetest family EVER!!!! LOVE Win's ripped knee's. That's SO john right now as ALLL of his jeans seem to be ripping at the same time. Win's are on purpose for fashion though, right?