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Hattie growed up

July 21, 2008   |   by Rachel

Nearly every morning lately I've been making inside-out french toast for Winfield. He affectionately calls it, "inside French toad." Also, nearly every morning, he insists that Harriet wants some too. He does like to share his experiences with her. Since babies aren't supposed to have egg whites I'd been telling him that she is too little to have inside French toad. At her last check up the doc told us that she's allowed eggs now so I thought that a little inside French toad would be a good introduction. The first morning that I gave her some Win triumphantly yelled, "Hattie growed up. She's eatin' inside French toad." Here she is this morning nibbling on little squares. [gallery size="full" columns="1"]

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Looks like she likes it!!


what is inside out french toast? i'm not familiar with this breakfast food but i think i like the sound of it. and is that tray made for a bumbo?