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Hello to my internet fans

March 08, 2006   |   by Jared

Another day, another cute picture. Rachel thinks Win looks like a doctor in these oversized white shirts - sort of like a baby lab coat. Win turned one week old last night and is still doing super, getting cuter by the day if that's possible. Tonight Grandma Bonnie is coming for a week of hanging out and helping.

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he gets cuter & cuter every day. please tell him that his north carolina fan club loves him! :)


He is just incredible. I can't believe how many pics you have of him with his eyes open!! So alert! So intelligent! Such gorgeous deep eyes!


thanks guys! Win is blushing.


ok, i just have to share one more thing. i just showed jordan this picture of Win, and asked "who is that?" thinking she'd say "baby." she looked at him & did the sign for "friend." it was so sweet.


These pictures are amazing. I concur with Carrie. I can't believe all of them with those beautiful eyes wide open!


Hey Win has fans all over, even down here in Birmingham!!!!!! He IS so cute!!! :)