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Here we go again

September 24, 2007   |   by Jared

We're all moved in over here at the hospital. We have a big corner room, Rachel's comfortable, and we're starting the induction process. So far nothing much is happening. Doctor came by and said we should have a little girl by dinner, and then added that he really has no clue what he's talking about as far as timing goes. So, we'll keep you updated. Lots of time + good wifi = good blog coverage for yall. Does this picture look familiar?

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Postmaster Steve2007-09-24


Awww, she does look comfortable!

You're on our minds and in our prayers.



We just returned from the ORTHODONTIST (for Nathan) and I just HAD to check.

Now we're headed to the BEACH. We're all anxiously waiting (even Solomon). The kids are enjoying working on the name puzzle.

Enjoy this time together.

Brittany J


Love the updates.

Dave Roberts2007-09-24

It looks like Rachel has a little more makeup on this time.

By the way - Hauch wants to know if you will be done in time to make hockey tonight?

Jared Henderson2007-09-24

50/50 chance on hockey... i'll keep you posted.

Ceci LaBarge2007-09-24

Dave called to let me know about the updates on this blog. He said something about wifi, and I thought that meant you were showing live video of the event. I expected some real moaning and groaning. Oh well, the pictures will suffice. Can't wait to meet her!