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How should I spell my nickname?

March 01, 2006   |   by Jared

Hey friends and fam. Welcome to Winfield's new blog! Right now the content is mostly repeats of stuff posted elsewhere, but soon enough this will be THE place to come for recent Winfield happenings and photos. To start things out with a bang we'll use this venue to solicit feedback on the following question: how should we spell Winfield's shortened nickname - Win or Wynn? Please tell us your honest opinion and also comment on whether it is permissable to have a nickname that differs in spelling from the original name. Winfield's pretty concerned about this issue, and he would appreciate some counsel.

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I like Winn personally, or "The General" is always good too.


i kinda like the way "wynn" looks better, but most people who don't know would defintely spell it "win" or "winn", and it might be easier that way. i like "winn" better than "win". but then again, we spell miciah's nickname "kiah".


"Winn" seems like a good option, because it differentiates from the word "Win" and still has the same vowel as Winfield. Either way, he's very winning! And soft!


I think you can spell it anyway you want. I vote for Wynn, just personally like it, but have been spelling it Win to everyone around here. Didn't know I had a choice. :) grandma jan


we like win...or even winn, perhaps? but we will love him however it is spelled! jordan continues to love the pictures(as do we)--please post often! :)

jamie & sarah

grma dean2006-03-02

We love this little guy and miss holding him already, it has been 6 hours since we last held him.

Our vote from grma and grpa dean is Wynn. But we will still love him just as much whether Win or Wynn. Either way he's the greatest!

grma dean2006-03-02

Also Denise Hostetler - neighbor and good friend votes Wynn too.


I like the way "Wynn" looks better but usually go for spelling it the way the name is spelled.....but really it doesn't matter to me. I'll be happy with whatever you guys decide :)

Rachel Wozniak2006-03-03

Hey, If "Kate" can be short for "Catherine" and "Bill" is short for William, and "Bob" is short for "Robert" and "Jack" is short for "John" (Actually I don't know how they made "John" shorter, but ... anyway) All that to say that if you want to call him Wynn, I see no problem with that at all. I like it! And in fact, We have two "Win's" at our church. Not sure how they spell their names, though.


I like Win. I'm not totally committed to the same vowell, but positive reinforcement for a lifetime isn't a bad thing :)


How about uyin? or Wuin? or ugyen? Those seem fairly reasonable to me.


Jed and I vote for Win. I'm not sure why, I think I just like that it looks like a shorthand for his name. Wynn is a complete name all by itself. What a cutie! Jed is so jealous...he wants a red-headed kid so badly. We can't wait to meet him. We hope you guys are doing well.