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October 27, 2009   |   by Rachel

Here are a couple camera-phone pix of HRH.  She doesn't really mind being treated like royalty, and today we don't mind pampering her.  She's going to stay another night since the nights are the most difficult time for croup. [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full"]

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Kimberly DeCamp2009-10-29

Aww, I will deffinately keep your little princess in my prayers. It is so hard to see the little ones so sick. It looks as if she is quite the trooper.


oh my gosh, that is so much food!!! hatty's hair is soooooooo pretty.


She is so sweet even when sick and exhausted...I can't believe she said "thank you." I love how little she is against the bed, too. She is a real princess.

Betsy King2009-10-27

Oh my goodness, where can I sign up for such royalty? Just kidding, I'm glad she is getting such good care. ; )

Barb Naylor-Tatterson2009-10-27

Awww...such a little sweetheart! Hope she is feeling better soon...and that the rest of the family can get some sleep too!

Rachel Henderson2009-10-27

Yeah...that's a fruit plate, with a side of fruit and a banana.