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I Heart Holland

April 24, 2009   |   by Rachel

O man, I love holland in the summer (and winter for that matter). It's just sooo beautiful around here. The summers are breezy and gorgeous. Okay, I know that it's still April. But it feels like summer! We've been eating out on the driveway and in the back yard a lot the past few weeks. The kids even managed to get sunburns. Oops! [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full"]

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Beth Jarvis2009-04-24

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe how big your kids are! So precious. Oh, and I love Harriet's shoes. I wonder if they're made in a women's size 10...


aww...big bro--is Hattie trying to hit him, pat him, or give him five?


I love the moments you captured of Hattie and Winfield enjoying the Holland "summer". So precious... Hattie just looks so cute when she cries!!

Rachel Henderson2009-04-25

She was petting him. It was really sweet.


Hattie is a little girl Jared! She looks SO much like him. We miss you guys!


Adorable pictures, and adorable kids.