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I packed neither a camera nor high heels for a photography conference in Vegas

February 22, 2009   |   by Rachel

What is wrong with me?!?!? Jared and I have been traveling a bit this month. A week after returning from our anniversary cruise we dropped the kids off in Detroit with Jared's parents and we flew to Vegas. Over 12,000 photographers gathered at the MGM Grand for a photography conference called WPPI. We had a booth at the tradeshow (thus no camera). We did a lot of standing and walking (thus no high heels). We had an amazing time. We met with tons of ProPhoto Blog clients who stopped by our booth to meet Jared. I love working a booth where dozens of people stop in and tell me how much they love my husband. We also met hundreds of photographers who were excited to find a solution for their blogs. It was great. Vegas surpassed my expectations. Honestly, I until now I'd thought that Vegas was kind of cheesy--in an 80's sort of way. Like a big, weird, hedonistic Disneyworld. All of those are true, but it is somehow really cool. There are tons of really great serious restaurants inside each hotel/casino. Every restaurant is designed decorated and lit better than any that I can think of in Holland. They make CityVu look out of style. The MGM had lions in it--like a zoo but cooler. You could buy iPhones from a vending machine. We went to Bellagio and saw the dancing fountain, a 2,000 piece Dale Chihuly chandelier, ate Sushi at Yellowtail, and stopped in at Bobby's room to see if we could gawk (no dice). It was a really fun place. Blues Traveler played a private concert for WPPI. We got to see the show from a decent spot ;-) On the way home Win played around with my point and shoot. He took a beautiful self portrait and a great shot of Hattie and me. Please note that all of these images were taken with my point and shoot. [gallery size="full" columns="1"]

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Kristin Staton-Heit2009-03-13

I love how your point'n'shoot photos are soooooo much better than anything I could ever take. Sigh. You are so awesome.

stacy t2009-02-25

you didn't need high heels - you had some cute shoes by the pool shot. love those shoes!!! getting a prophoto blog - can't wait. sweet!


so great! love your sign! you guys were made to be entrepreneurs. quite a month!

Betsy King2009-02-22

AWESOME!! So excited you guys that you had a booth! Can't wait to see you guys soon! :) You are so beautiful btw!!! PS I need some no fail shoes. Are those Dansko?

Benjamin Tennant2009-02-23

Very cool. You guys are world travelers now! I am glad the Lord is blessing you with this; I am especially pleased that it is something that combines both your interests. Thus, you can relate together while doing it.